About the Company

 PLCP stands for Peace and Love Create Progress. The brand originates from Maryland by two friends who shared the same idea.  What they shared is a vision and the desire to bring about positive revolution to society. PLCP is not just a brand of material product, but rather a movement for the greater good. When you purchase a product, you’re not just buying an item, you’re buying into an idea, a movement. It’s not just a logo, it’s a lifestyle.


The PLCP logo seems ambiguous at first, but, with context, this intricate hand sign becomes as clear as day. The first “P” for Peace is formed by the left index finger and thumb. The “L” for Love is the most evident aspect of the logo, and is formed by the middle/ring fingers and thumbs. The “C” for Create is formed by the pinky and thumbs as a diamond is a symbol for creation, and last but not least the “P” for Progress mirrors the “P” for peace on the right side of the logo. So throw it up! And Represent the movement.


Innovation and Inspiration, each of us has one life to live and although from culture to culture we amass a multitude of substantial differences, we cannot continue to overlook the fact that we share life in the same instance in time. When we come together, we are capable of the seemingly unimaginable, the unthinkable, and the impossible.  When we come together, we manifest a higher standard of living and forge new horizons for generations to come. When we come together we will share our love, our hate, our courage, and our fears, and in doing so we will intensify the human experience.  


This is not about world peace, as evil will always have its place in the world; as it does in every one of us. But know that within us is the power to overcome our personal shortcomings.  We must turn to a sullen state of frustration, instead of lashing out with rage and anger when we are hurt. We must seek help from others instead of hurting others when we are at the lowest of our lows.  For when we disregard our moral compass and offend our fellow man, let it be known that we are not just betraying an individual, we are betraying all of mankind.  


You cannot hurt a person without leaving an impression, an impression that the individual will assimilate and associate into their understanding of the world and their interactions with others.  However, far worse than this, you blaze a path for retaliation.  And when we combat one another, when we wage war in any form, that war will consume our focus and exhaust our energy.  The battle engulfs our being.  Competition becomes our crux and conquering the enemy becomes our reason for life. Nothing is more taxing to our advancement, which is why we say, “Peace and Love Create Progress.”


Join the movement, let’s make this grand.